Valued at over $21 million

Inaugural gypsum factory project to boost economic landscape in Semel district

SEMEL, December 2 — The Semel district is set to witness the establishment of its inaugural gypsum factory, a project spanning 50,000 square meters. Zawita Company will spearhead the construction, approved as an industrial endeavor, with insights shared by Falah Haji, head of communication department at the Duhok Investment Directorate.

The project, valued at $21,180,542, is slated for completion within 12 months and encompasses key facilities such as project management, a gypsum laboratory, raw material mixing units, and product storage facilities. Complementing the industrial core, the initiative incorporates additional components like a parking lot, a green park, and accommodations for the workforce. The strategic location of the project in the Semel district underscores its potential impact on the local economic landscape.