Project spans 1,000 hectares

Construction on Duhok’s international airport set to resume

DUHOK, November 29 — Construction of Duhok International Airport is set to resume as development progresses to phase two of the project, which spans 1,000 hectares.

The Ministry of Transportation confirmed the completion of mapping and review processes for the airport project, signaling its imminent implementation.

Duhok Governor Ali Tatar told the official website of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Tuesday that a new map has replaced the old layout for the airport.

Dilan Rashad, spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation, outlined the project’s two-phase approach, stating the initial phase involves a comprehensive review of the master plan and project map, followed by the second phase dedicated to the practical implementation across the extensive 1,000-hectare site.

Previously halted due to a financial crisis affecting the region, the KRG announced it would resume work on the airport in September 2021.