60 percent of fires caused by inadequate safety and awareness

Erbil civil defense proposes disaster preparedness curriculum in schools

ERBIL, November 29 — The Civil Defense Directorate in Erbil is pushing for a special curriculum module in local schools explaining methods for firefighting, flood control, and disaster management. The Directorate of Education has reportedly given preliminary acceptance for the proposal.

According to statistics from the Civil Defense, 298 houses in Erbil caught fire during the first nine months of this year, with 40 percent of the fires attributed to faulty electrical wiring, and the remainder to a lack of awareness and adequate safety precautions.

The Erbil Civil Defense spokesperson, Karwan Mirdoli, said the directorate conducts 500 seminars each year at educational institutions and government offices through 48 employees responsible for delivering trainings.

Mirdoli added, “We have requested the Erbil Directorate of Education to teach and train students on facing the risks of floods, fires, and disasters as a primary subject at educational institutions. They have verbally agreed, and administrative procedures remain pending.”