Families return home or relocate to Tazede camp

Officials shutter Quratu IDP camp in Garmiyan

GARMIYAN, November 28 – The Migration and Crisis Response Directorate officially closed the Quratu camp in Garmiyan on Sunday, explaining that a number of families have returned to their places of origin, while others have relocated to the Tazede camp in Kalar.

Bestun Zhalayi, Director of the Migration and Crisis Response Directorate, told 964 the camp housed 650 displaced families from Diyala, Salah Al-Din, Anbar, and Babylon governorates.

According to data provided by the Directorate, over 30,000 internally displaced persons are currently residing outside of camps within Garmiyan administration.

The Kurdistan Region hosts a total of 26 camps, with 16 located in Duhok and six in Erbil, reflecting ongoing displacement in the region.