Expresses admiration for the natural landscapes

Foreign tourist flock to Basra for a different image of Iraq

BASRA, November 25 — Foreign tourists are flowing into Basra in search of a different image of Iraq, expressing admiration for the natural landscapes in orchards and along the shores of the Shatt al-Arab. A Bulgarian tourist, inspired by the surroundings, practiced yoga, explored heritage areas, and took in the city’s landmarks from the towering buildings in Ashar, the city center.

Accompanied by a reporter from Network 964, the Bulgarian tourist recently entered Basra, strolling through its landmarks, exploring popular markets, historical museums, and rural areas where she practiced yoga among palm groves, describing the residents as generous and friendly.

Daisy – Bulgarian Tourist for Network 964:

“I spent 15 days in Iraq and recently arrived in Basra. Everything is amazing; I love the weather and the Shatt al-Arab, which looks like the sea to me. I didn’t expect this beauty. I love the architectural style of the city, and the people are generous and incredibly welcoming. Everything exceeded my expectations. I will share about Iraq to change the Western perception of this beautiful country.”

Ali Aziz – Tour Guide for Network 964:

“With the cool weather, foreign tourists are increasingly coming to Basra to enjoy the atmosphere on the Corniche of Shatt al-Arab, visit the marshes and rural areas north of the city. Also, to explore the history of the ancient areas and their buildings represented by the Shanasheel. Basra’s economic status and its possession of ports make it a point of interest for anyone visiting Iraq. Additionally, being located on the border with Kuwait and Iran makes it the starting or ending point for tourists crossing the Kuwaiti border or departing to Gulf countries’ airports.”