'Palestine Cup' takes place in Haditha

Anbar futsal tournament pays tribute to Palestine amid war on Gaza

HADITHA, November 15 — Organizers of a futsal competition in Haditha, Anbar this week renamed the tournament as ‘The Palestine Cup,’ in solidarity with the Palestinian people, as Israeli bombardments continue on the Gaza Strip.

The Palestine Cup came to an exciting end on Monday at Haditha’s Bani Daher Stadium after a fierce match between the Dreams and Al-Jazeera teams. Dreams clinched their first city-level title after a penalty shootout. A total of eight teams took part in the tournament.

Ayoub Abbas, Manager of the Talent Care Academy in Haditha, told 964, “The tournament carried the title of the ‘Palestine Cup’ in support of our Palestinian brothers and in condemnation of the Israeli aggression against Gaza.”

Abdul Rahman Mohsen, a prominent athlete, expressed gratitude for the tournament’s organization, stating, “We thank the organizers for holding the tournament in solidarity with Gaza, and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded and mercy and eternal peace for the martyrs.”

Mohammed Thabit, the tournament’s organizer, described the event as “filled with the spirit of sportsmanship.”