Iraqi court terminates Al-Halbousi, expels Parliament Speaker from legislature

16:46 UPDATE

BAGHDAD, November 14 — The Federal Supreme Court in Baghdad confirmed on Tuesday it ruled to terminate Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi and Deputy Laith Al-Dulaimi from the legislature. 

An official statement from the court said:

Baghdad / Press Office of the Federal Supreme Court

The Federal Supreme Court considered the lawsuit numbered 9/Federal/2023 on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

In its ruling, the Court decided to terminate the membership of the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohammed Rikan Al-Halbousi, and the membership of Deputy Laith Mustafa Hamoud Al-Dulaimi, effective from the date of the judgment on November 14, 2023. The decision is final and binding on all authorities.

16:30 UPDATE

Former Parliamentarian Laith Al-Dulaimi appeared in a video in front of the Federal Supreme Court on Tuesday, accompanied by MP Basim Khashan, celebrating the judiciary’s decision to terminate Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi.

Al-Dulaimi thanked supporters who he said stuck by him after he filed a lawsuit earlier this year when Al-Halbousi removed him from Parliament.

16:15 UPDATE

Iraq’s Parliament adjourned an extraordinary session Tuesday afternoon after legislators discussed proposed amendments to the Independent High Electoral Commission law.

Lawmakers inside the Parliament chamber reported Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi left the session looking upset and shocked.

The session was adjourned minutes after the Federal Court’s decision to strip Al-Halbousi of his role and terminate his membership of parliament, following a lawsuit filed by Deputy Laith Al-Dulaimi. Al-Halbousi terminated Al-Dulaimi’s membership of Parliament in January according to Article 12/2nd of the chamber’s by-laws and for reportedly failing to adhere to his party’s directives and regulations. Both men are members of the Takkadom Party.

15:55 UPDATE

Members of Iraq’s Parliament announced on Tuesday that the Federal Court terminated Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi, removing him from the legistature.

As of writing, no official statement had been issued by Iraq’s judiciary.

Iraqi politician Mashan Al-Jubouri posted on X, (formerly Twitter), stating, “The Federal Court has decided to end Mohammed Al-Halbousi’s membership and expel him from the Parliament.”