Returns continue to Sinjar

Ministry of Migration announces return of 375 displaced Yazidis to Sinjar

SINJAR, November 13 — The central government’s Ministry of Migration and Displacement announced on Monday the return of 375 displaced Yazidis from the Bersivi 1 camp in Zakho to their original places of residence in Sinjar district.

A statement from the ministry said:

Minister of Migration and Displacement Ms. Evan Faiq Jabro declared the voluntary return of 375 Yazidi displaced persons from the Bersivi 1 camp in Zakho district to their original residential areas in Sinjar district of Nineveh governorate.

This move is in accordance with the government program and the implementation of the national plan for the return of displaced persons. Ms. Jabro explained, ‘The transfer of families with their furniture was carried out in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and in coordination with local administrations in Zakho and Sinjar districts.’

She also directed ‘the inclusion of families returning to their original areas in Sinjar with durable goods and immediate provision of all their needs.’ Ms. Jabro emphasized, ‘The ministry continues to work on implementing what is outlined in the government program to voluntarily repatriate all displaced persons and fully close the displacement file.'”