Particularly PlayStation 5

Sharp drop in gaming console prices in Duhok

DUHOK, November 12 — The prices of electronic gaming consoles, especially the PlayStation 5, have significantly decreased in Duhok. A seller mentions that the start of the school season and anticipation for the release of newer models have impacted the market, but this hasn’t affected the prices of the games themselves.

Hariwan Hussein – Owner of a gaming devices store for Network 964:

“Two reasons led to the decline in console prices: the start of the school season and anticipation for the launch of new models. Prices of older models are decreasing globally.

The price of the PlayStation 5 has dropped by $120 over three months, now priced at $450. This decrease has also affected the PlayStation 4, now priced at $170.

The decline in console prices has not affected electronic games’ prices, ranging between $50 and $80 for new releases, with some exceeding $100, such as the highly anticipated GTA 6.”

The latest reports in the Asian market suggest that the new release won’t be available before 2026. However, Sony confirms that designs and plans include the introduction of versions up to the tenth edition in the coming years.