Baghdad working to unify regional positions

Iraq leading regional efforts in response to Gaza conflict, says prime minister’s advisor

BAGHDAD, November 8 — Hisham Al-Rikabi, media advisor to Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, says Iraq is leading efforts to unify regional positions regarding the war on Gaza, emphasizing that United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s recent visit to Baghdad was an attempt to find a solution to the conflict before it escalates.

Al-Rikabi spoke with journalist Noor Al-Majid and said, “America did not anticipate the reactions in the Arab world and globally, as the popular stances were very strong and rejected the heinous aggression. Therefore, the U.S. administration found its interests in the region in a critical situation.”

He explained that Secretary Blinken’s visits to the region were aimed at finding ways to resolve and contain the crisis, despite the Israel’s obstinacy and its continued attacks against besieged civilians.

“Nevertheless, the United States wants to preserve its interests and role in the region, and Blinken’s goal was to find a way out of this crisis,” he said.

Al-Rikabi added:

“Iraqis took to the streets in protests in 15 governorates to denounce the aggression on Gaza, and Al-Sudani received numerous messages and calls from regional leaders to play the role of an international mediator, especially after Blinken’s visit.

Today, Iraq has a government that has the trust of the people, political strength, and international support. It has been clear and transparent in seeking to create balance in the region, as well as establishing partnerships with the international community. All of these factors have given Iraq a mediation role to resolve the crisis.

Iraq is not a mere messenger shuttling messages between the United States and Iran, but has been leading efforts to unify Arab powers since the beginning of the crisis, consistent with its historical position dating back to 1948 and the Palestinian cause.”