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Al-Sudani receives phone call from German chancellor to discuss Gaza situation

BAGHDAD, November 4 — Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, received a phone call on Friday from the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. During the call, Chancellor Scholz affirmed Germany’s efforts to achieve a ceasefire and its readiness to contribute to delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

The press office issued a statement that read:

“The Prime Minister discussed bilateral relations between Iraq and Germany, as well as the latest developments in the region. He emphasized the importance of strengthening the partnership between the two countries and expanding economic and developmental cooperation for the mutual benefit of the Iraqi and German people.

The Prime Minister also reiterated Iraq’s clear and principled stance on the Palestinian issue, condemning the Zionist aggression on occupied territories and the Palestinian people. He called on the European Union to take a clear position in condemning the violations and crimes against humanity affecting the besieged Palestinian people, who are facing a humanitarian crisis widely condemned by the international community.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the events in Gaza now serve as a moral test for the international community and the great powers, urging them to uphold their legal and humanitarian responsibilities.

Chancellor Scholz, in his response during the call, stated that Germany is actively working towards achieving a ceasefire and is prepared to contribute to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. He emphasized Germany’s commitment to continued communication and dialogue to find a peaceful solution to the crisis and promote stability in the region.”