Authorities respond to cyber crime complaint

Police arrest suspect in Baghdad for online extortion and blackmail

BAGHDAD, November 2 — Police in Baghdad arrested a suspect on Thursday accused of blackmailing a girl online and threatening to publish private photos of her unless she paid him an undisclosed amount of money.

The Ministry of Interior released a statement, which said:

The investigative unit of the Crime Prevention Directorate in Baghdad managed to apprehend a suspect who was involved in electronic blackmail of a girl and threatening to post her photos on social media unless she paid him a specific amount of money. The arrest was carried out after the complainant sought help from the directorate when she was subjected to online extortion by the individual.

A task force was formed to investigate the matter, and after gathering information and conducting inquiries, the suspect was identified and apprehended. He was subsequently presented to the investigative judge, who decided to detain him in accordance with Article 430 of the Penal Code to face appropriate legal consequences.