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Iranian ‘Qandeel’ honey falsely sold as local product in Erbil

ERBIL, October 28 — Beekeepers in Erbil have revealed that Iranian honey sold under the name “Qandeel” is adulterated and does not meet the original specifications of the local product. They are calling for a ban on its import, along with Turkish honey, which is sold at lower prices.

The residents of the foothills of Mount Qandeel in the region have a strong interest in beekeeping and honey production due to the area’s pristine nature, pure air, and abundant fresh water.

Asaad Khudair, one of the beekeepers in the region, expressed his concerns, stating, “Iranian honey has been sold in the markets under the name ‘Qandeel Mountain Honey’ for some time. Those involved are not local beekeepers, and their suspicious activities have eroded the trust of the local population in genuine honey.”

Around 200 beekeepers from the Qandeel region are demanding a ban on the import of honey from Iran and Turkey. The price of honey sold under the label “Qandeel Mountain” ranges from 7,000 to 10,000 Iraqi dinars, while the price of a kilo of genuine honey varies from 35,000 to 60,000 Iraqi dinars.

Experts in beekeeping suggest various methods to identify adulterated honey, such as placing it in the refrigerator. If the honey freezes, it contains a substantial amount of artificial sugar.