Wasit is the least using of technology province

Iraq’s internet and mobile phone usage statistics revealed

BAGHDAD, October 19 — The Ministry of Planning announced on Thursday that the percentage of men using the internet in Iraq is 85%, while the percentage of women is 72%. It was also noted that Wasit province has the lowest technology usage in the country.

The Ministry of Planning stated in a press release received by Network 964 that 86% of Iraqis aged over 5 years use mobile phones, with males at 90% compared to 81% for females.

The spokesperson for the ministry, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, revealed that the Central Statistical Organization conducted a survey on the use of information and communication technology by households and individuals in 2022.

Survey results indicated that only 14% of individuals do not use mobile phones. The highest mobile phone usage was in Baghdad province at 97%, followed by Najaf province at 93.5%, while Basra recorded slightly less than 93%. Kirkuk ranked fourth at 92%, and Wasit province came in fifth at 72%.

Furthermore, the survey showed that 92% of individuals aged 5 years and above use smartphones, while only 10% use regular mobile phones.

Regarding internet usage, 79% of individuals aged 5 years and above use the internet, with 85% of males and 72% of females.

At the provincial level, Baghdad topped the list at 96%, followed by Basra at 92.5%, Kirkuk at 85%, and Muthanna at the lowest percentage of 62%.

The survey also revealed an increase in households with internet access at 87%. In urban areas, the rate was 92%, while in rural areas, it was 83%.