Connects the 'Empire' Golden Quarter road 120

Kurdistan Regional Government completes strategic road project after resettling village

ERBIL, October 17 — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) opened a strategic road on Tuesday that connects the ‘Empire’ Golden Quarter with the fast Circular Road 120, after successfully compensating the residents of a village who had previously opposed the road project with the intent to relocate them.

The road project had been stalled for a considerable period because the residents of the village ‘Rashkin,’ which was situated along the road’s plan, had refused to leave and had protested the compensation offered. However, the issue was later resolved, and the Ministry of Municipalities began implementing the project.

The road is 2 km long and 36 meters wide, with the construction of sewage systems extending 3 km in length. Prior to asphalting, the road was divided into three lanes for traffic in both directions. All of these operations were completed within just one month.

Sasan Awni, the Minister of Municipalities in the Kurdistan Regional Government, explained:

“Previously, the road had only one lane and was in poor condition despite its close proximity to one of the city’s most vital commercial areas.”

Omed Khoshnaw posted on his Facebook account:

“We convinced the families to leave the area after compensating them with financial amounts, and the project cost us $4 million.”