87% completion rate

Iraq’s transport ministry reports progress on rail line project

BAGHDAD, October 16 — The Ministry of Transportation announced on Monday the achievement of an 87% completion rate for the “Hijama – Suwah – Samawah” railway line project, with double tracks and the inclusion of three large bridges and three underpasses currently under construction.

The ministry’s media office, in a statement received by Network 964, revealed details about the progress of the “Hijama – Suwah – Samawah” railway project. It emphasized that the project, which is being executed by the “Blend Baya” company, has reached an 87% completion rate.

The statement further elaborated that the section from Samawah to Suwah has achieved a 95% completion rate, with the specifications of a double track. Additionally, the project includes the construction of three large bridges and three underpasses.

The statement affirmed that it is expected that the project will be completed by the end of the year, in accordance with the established plan.