Iraqi people, parliament, and government

Unified position on Palestine affirmed in meeting with Palestinian national council president

BAGHDAD, October 16 — Iraq’s Speaker of Parliament, Mohammed Al-Halbousi, reiterated on Monday that Iraq’s stance on the Palestine issue represents a unified position encompassing the Iraqi people, parliament, and government. He made this statement during a meeting with the President of the Palestinian National Council, Rouhi Fatouh.

The statement, issued by Al-Halbousi’s office and received by Network 964, reads:

“Today, Monday, Speaker of the Parliament, Mohammed Al-Halbousi, received the President of the Palestinian National Council, Mr. Rouhi Fatouh, along with his accompanying delegation.

The meeting discussed the developments in the Gaza Strip, the bombardment, and the imposed blockade, as well as the humanitarian conditions affecting the residents of the area. The importance of opening humanitarian relief corridors and protecting civilians was emphasized, along with the significance of adopting a unified Arab stance against these violations.

Al-Halbousi reaffirmed that Iraq’s position on the Palestinian issue is a unified one, representing the people, parliament, and government. This position remains steadfast in supporting the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. He pointed to the resolutions adopted by the Iraqi Parliament and government condemning the violations against the Palestinian people and expressing support for the Palestinian cause.

On his part, the President of the Palestinian National Council stressed that the residents of the Gaza Strip are enduring collective punishment and forced displacement, facing difficult humanitarian conditions. He highlighted the need for a unified Arab stance regarding these developments and expressed his appreciation for Iraq’s official and popular position. He commended Al-Halbousi’s stance on the Palestinian issue in various Arab forums supporting the Palestinian cause.

Additionally, the meeting discussed Al-Halbousi’s invitation to attend the 35th Emergency Session of the Arab Parliamentary Union.”