Suspect confesses to trafficking the girls

Woman arrested for attempting to sell daughter and runaway girl for six million dinars

BAGHDAD, October 9 — Iraqi intelligence authorities announced on Sunday they had arrested a woman who attempted to sell her daughter and a runaway girl for six million dinars.

The country’s intelligence agency released a statement which said:

The specialized intelligence unit combating organized crime in Baghdad received accurate information about a woman trying to offer her daughter and a runaway girl, both minors, for a sum totaling six million dinars. An intelligence team was formed immediately to investigate and gather information about the time and location of the girls’ sale with the aim of thwarting the operation and apprehending the culprits.

After completing all necessary legal and intelligence procedures and setting up a well-prepared ambush, the suspect involved in the alleged crime was apprehended, and the sale of the girls was prevented. During the initial interrogation, it was revealed that the suspect was the mother of one girl, and the other girl had runaway from her family. The suspect claimed to be the girl’s sister and used a forged identity, mimicking one of the suspect’s siblings.

The suspect callously offered them for sale to unidentified individuals without regard for their fate. The suspect’s statements have been recorded, and she has been referred to the relevant investigative authorities for human trafficking. She has confessed to the committed act.