Sweet success: dwarf watermelons thrive in Basra

Successful cultivation of ‘Dwarf Watermelon’ in Basra’s Al-Medina district

BASRA, October 7 — The experiment of cultivating “dwarf watermelon” in the Al-Medina district, north of Basra, has been successful, with the crop receiving significant demand after the marketing of the first harvest. Customers describe this type of watermelon as having a “sweet and very delicious” taste.

The seeds for this type of watermelon come from China, and local farmers in the north of Basra tried them for the first time this year.

Abu Saleh Al-Haidari, a farmer and rice seller for Network 964, said:

“The regions of Nahar Saleh, Al-Hayyadar, and Al-Shateet are known for producing this type of watermelon.”

“Cultivation of ‘dwarf watermelon’ recently started in our areas after importing seeds from China.”

“I own a large piece of land and planted ‘dwarf watermelon’ this season, and there are others who cultivated dozens of dunams of this type.”

“The crop is sold in the city market and Al-Hawar, and people prefer this watermelon over others because of its thin husk and delicious taste.”

Ali Abdulqadir, a customer, commented:

“The taste of this type of watermelon is extremely delicious, despite its small size. I bought 14 kilograms for my family in just two days.”

Abu Hussein, another customer, added:

“At first, I thought it might not be ripe, but I was keen to try it as people crowded to buy it.”

“One kilogram is sold for 500 Iraqi dinars, and there are other types in the market imported from Kut, Al-Hillah, and Al-Amara, with prices ranging from 350 to 500 Iraqi dinars per kilogram. However, locals prefer their own farm-grown watermelon, known as “local watermelon.”

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