Buyers look for larger poultry in the winter

Demand and prices for geese soar in Erbil ahead of winter months

ERBIL, October 2 — Locals in Erbil governorate looking to buy geese ahead of the winter season are experiencing sticker shock as prices skyrocket, despite plentiful supply from the Bardarash region.

The price per kilogram for geese on Monday was more than 9,000 Iraqi dinars — four times that of chicken.

Various types of birds and poultry are available in Erbil’s markets, however this year, geese, ducks, and turkeys are in high demand, as locals prefer larger poultry as winter approaches.

Hamid Haji Nouri, a poultry seller, told 964: “The demand for geese, ducks, and turkeys increases during the autumn and winter seasons. As the cold weather intensifies, the demand, especially for geese, grows. Despite ordering large numbers of Bardarash geese from Dohuk, prices have not dropped.”

“Geese farms have expanded in Bardarash with the establishment of dedicated facilities, and with the weekly poultry market day, breeders bring large numbers to Erbil and sell them at a lower price,” Nouri added.

“The price of a 5-kilogram goose can reach up to 50,000 dinars, approximately four times the current price of chicken [2,500 dinars] per kilogram.”