Full attendance by students and staff

Basmaya residential complex schools experience successful first day of school

BAGHDAD, October 1 — Basmaya Residential Complex, located southeast of Baghdad, has opened its schools for the new academic year. The city witnessed a complete attendance of both students and teaching staff on the first day.

Meetham Areebi, a school principal, told Network 964:

“We ensured that the first day of the new school year was special by decorating the schools and distributing books along with gifts to the first-grade students.”

Emad Hadi, a resident of Basmaya, expressed his joy, saying:

“Seeing students heading to their schools is very uplifting, especially considering the exceptional design, construction, and teaching staff quality in Basmaya’s schools.”

Hareer Faris, a student, shared her enthusiasm, saying:

“It’s a special day for us, and the atmosphere in Basmaya’s schools is beautiful and wonderful.”

“The successful start of the academic year in Basmaya Residential Complex reflects the dedication to providing quality education for its residents.”

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