PM speaks in an interview with UAE paper

Sudani favors diplomatic solutions amid regional tensions

BAGHDAD, September 26 — In an interview with The National newspaper, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani stated that his government prefers diplomatic solutions to address tensions with neighboring countries while asserting the nation’s capability to respond if necessary.

The newspaper noted ongoing tensions with Iran and Turkey, with regular airstrikes targeting specific Kurdish opposition groups within Iraqi territory.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani stated: “We are dealing with this matter through diplomacy, and our rejection of violence or the threat of violence. Our ability to respond is there, but we prefer diplomacy.”

“We have emptied the camps of [Iranian dissident] armed groups, which is part of our constitutional obligation not to allow the use of Iraqi territory to attack another country,” he said, adding that Iraqi troops were now patroling the Kurdistan region’s borders.