Offers virtual tours

Sulaymaniyah museum remains closed for renovation

SULAYMANIYAH, September 24 — Sulaymaniyah Museum continues to remain closed to visitors for the purpose of renovation. The museum’s management has stated that they cannot provide a specific completion date for the renovation work. However, virtual tours are still available online.

The Sulaymaniyah Museum was first opened on July 14, 1961, by Rafiq Fatahullah in one of the buildings in the “Aqari” neighborhood. In 1979, it was relocated to its current building and houses approximately 60,000 archaeological artifacts.

Nyan Nasser, the museum’s official, stated to Network 964:

“The renovation work includes the replacement of electrical lighting, repainting the building, and repairing the museum’s wall, which had collapsed earlier. Currently, the museum is not receiving visitors until the renovation work is completed.”