Iraqi woman makes history as country’s first female horse trainer

ANBAR, April 15 — Hajar Al-Oubaidi, a young woman, has made history by becoming the first registered horse-riding trainer in Anbar. She started practicing horse-riding as a hobby, but her ambition led her to establish the first women’s equestrian club in Anbar. Her goal was to attract more women to the horse stable that she launched in the city of Hit, located north of Ramadi.

This club is the first of its kind in Anbar, an area that has undergone significant social transformations in recent years, much like many other areas in Iraq.

In an interview with 964 Network, Hajar Al-Oubaidi shared that she noticed the lack of women at the horse track despite many of them having a passion for equestrian. This inspired her to open the first equestrian club in Anbar dedicated to educating women about horse-riding.

However, she faced several challenges along the way, including the traditional customs and environment of Anbar.
Despite these obstacles, she took the first step towards realizing her dream.