PM calls solution to issues 'essential'

KRG Prime Minister Masrour Barzani calls for peaceful resolution of issues with Baghdad

ERBIL, September 13 — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Wednesday said the region’s successes were the success of all of Iraq, indicating his intention to visit Baghdad.

In a statement from the KRG, Barzani stated:

• Kurdistan faces immense pressures aimed at undermining it, and we intend to visit Baghdad to attempt to resolve the issues.

• The region’s patience does not indicate weakness, and we do not want problems to escalate.

• It is essential to address the problems with Baghdad peacefully and ensure all our financial and constitutional rights.

Prime Minister Barzani affirmed his intention to visit Baghdad to try to resolve the existing issues peacefully, emphasizing that the region’s long-standing patience does not indicate weakness. He is keen to prevent the escalation of problems and stressed the necessity of addressing the problems peacefully to ensure all of Kurdistan’s financial and constitutional rights.

He added, “We seek, during our visit, to understand the reasons behind their policy of starving the people of Kurdistan, while we fully realize that the success of Kurdistan means the success of all of Iraq, and the revival of Kurdistan will enhance the economic growth of the entire Iraq.”

Prime Minister Barzani concluded, “The people of Kurdistan have always embraced all Iraqis, and today we look forward to Iraqis defending the rights and entitlements of the people of Kurdistan.”