Three-hour search

Cleaning workers recover $11,052 from Erbil garbage dump

ERBIL—Cleaning workers in Erbil have recovered $11,052 from a garbage dump in the Kani Qirzhala area. The money, which belonged to a local resident, had been mistakenly discarded along with household waste.

The Erbil Municipality reported that upon being notified by the resident about the lost money, they dedicated a section of the dump for a search. The effort involved three hours of searching and inspection.

In a statement released with a photo showing the recovered funds, the Erbil Municipality stated, “After being informed by the resident that a sum exceeding $8,000 and 4 million Iraqi dinars [$3,052] had been discarded with household waste, our teams set aside a specific area in the Kani Qirzhala dump for the search.”

The Municipality added, “The resident, under the supervision of our environmental team, conducted a three-hour search for the money. Eventually, the funds were found and returned to the owner.”

Erbil teams tackle clogged sewers along Iskan Street

Erbil teams tackle clogged sewers along Iskan Street