Sabotage suspected

Gunfire causes power outage in Kut

WASIT — Gunfire in northern Kut disrupted power supply by severing lines at the Ansar main feeder towers, plunging central parts of the city into darkness for eight hours. Repair teams from the Wasit Electricity Authority are on site addressing the damage, which is suspected to be an act of sabotage.

Riyadh Al-Aqeeli, director of the media office for the Wasit governor, detailed the incident to 964media, stating, “The gunfire that caused the severance of the Ansar main feeder wires in northern Kut has led to a widespread power outage across several central city areas.”

The location of the damage presents challenges for the repair crews, necessitating the clearing of a path for service vehicles. The area’s remote nature complicates access for specialized equipment. Officials warn locals may experience an extended period of blackouts.