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Iraqi prime minister announces rewards for university professors publishing internationally

BAGHDAD — Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani has announced new financial incentives for university professors publishing in international journals. Each eligible publication will receive a 4 million dinar reward, as part of an effort to boost academic contributions on the global stage.

The initiative, which hinges on the guidelines of the amended University Service Law No. 23 of 2008, tasks the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with leading the program, in partnership with the Ministry of Finance. The ministries are also expected to collaborate in setting research priorities that align with national needs.

In addition to supporting research publication, the government is ensuring financial stability for university staff during medical leaves, adhering to updated provisions in the Health Disability Law and University Service Law.

The directive extends beyond financial rewards, with strategic measures to enhance postgraduate offerings in private colleges, addressing gaps in specialization. It also involves the Iraqi Academics Syndicate more directly in educational planning, empowering them to participate in key ministry advisory board meetings.

This initiative was introduced following recommendations from the Iraqi Academics Syndicate.