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Chinese language course commences at University of Sulaimani

SULAYMANIYAH – The Chinese Studies Center at the University of Sulaimani has launched a Chinese language course for students, aiming to foster cultural exchange between Kurdistan and China.

The course, supported by the Chinese Consulate in the Kurdistan Region, will last approximately three months and has enrolled 100 students.

Farid Dilshad, a university professor, emphasized the significance of learning Chinese for enhancing ties between the Kurdistan Region and China.

“The course is supported by the Chinese Consulate in the Kurdistan Region and is being held in Sulaymaniyah for the first time,” Dilshad told 964media. He noted that most participants are young, including businesspeople and those planning to study in China.

One of the participants, Sana Kamil, expressed her excitement about the opportunity. “I have been a fan of Chinese culture since childhood, watching Chinese TV shows and movies. This is a great opportunity for those interested in learning Chinese,” Kamil said. “I’m sure this language can be used to serve Kurdistan.”