Amid efforts to appoint new parliament speaker

Mubadara Bloc members meet with KDP’s Masoud Barzani

ERBIL –  Members of the recently-formed Sunni Mubadara (Initiative) Bloc met with Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Masoud Barzani in Erbil on June 12 to discuss the latest political developments in Iraq.

Barzani emphasized the necessity of parliamentary harmony and the critical role the Mubadara Bloc can play in bridging political perspectives to foster a stable political and governmental environment.

MP Ziad Al-Janabi, who led the Mubadara delegation, stressed the importance of maintaining close relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government and resolving outstanding issues.

In recent days, Mubadara Bloc members have conducted meetings with leaders of various Iraqi political groups. The formation of the Mubadara Bloc was announced on June 6 by Al-Janabi and 10 other Sunni MPs who split from the largest Sunni group, the Taqaddoum (Progress) Alliance, amid an intense rivalry among Sunni political groups over the parliament speaker position.

The speaker position has been vacant since last November when the Federal Supreme Court removed then-Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi on the grounds of forging the resignation letter of an MP from his Taqaddoum Alliance.