existing Wi-Fi tower to be deactivated soon

Iraq transitioning to fiber optic internet, minister says

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s Communications Minister Hayam Al-Yasiri announced today the imminent launch of a campaign to deactivate internet towers in preparation for transitioning to a fiber-optic system.

Al-Yasiri told the official Iraqi news agency, INA, that there will be no losses for tower owners or unscheduled deactivations. She stated that companies working on fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) lines have completed their work in dozens of Iraqi areas in preparation for tower deactivation.

“A detailed scheduled plan will be announced in advance for deactivating Wi-Fi towers and converting them to FTTH service, which will require citizen consent and will not be mandatory,” Yasiri added.

She promised that the new fiber optic service fees would be lower or equal to the current Wi-Fi prices.

This transition is part of a broader effort to modernize Iraq’s telecommunications infrastructure.

The country has seen significant developments in this sector, with major telecom operators like Zain Iraq, Asiacell, and Korek Telecom holding substantial shares in the market. Zain Iraq, for example, recently completed a significant sale and leaseback agreement involving 4,968 towers.