Aimed at preserving cleanliness

Fire, camping ban near Lake Felaw in Choman

SORAN — The Directorate of Tourism in the Choman area, located near the border between Erbil and Iran, has decided to ban tourists from lighting fires for barbecues and other purposes. Additionally, mountain climbers are now prohibited from camping around the famous Gomi Felaw.

This decision aims to allow the development of new facilities and the maintenance of existing ones while also preserving cleanliness and the pristine nature of the local environment.

Faesal Sadiq, the General Director of Tourism in Soran, told 964media: “We visited Lake Felaw in the Choman area today, accompanied by the district governor, to address the issues and shortcomings faced by this important tourist facility.”

Sadiq added, “Intentional fires by tourists and camping by mountain climbing groups are banned in any form, and legal actions will be taken against those who do not comply with these instructions.”

“We have plans to pave the roads leading to this lake in the future and to give more attention to the site, considering it a national resource for the economy of Kurdistan,” Sadiq stated. “An agreement has been reached to introduce new tourist services at this location, in addition to maintaining and rehabilitating existing ones.”

The Directorate of Tourism says it hopes that this measure will improve the visitor experience and help maintain the natural beauty of the region.

Gomi Felaw, or Lake Felaw, is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and clear waters. The lake is surrounded by mountains, attracting hikers and nature lovers. The Kurdistan Regional Government has focused on boosting tourism in the area, but the increase in visitors has raised environmental concerns. The ban aims to protect the lake’s ecosystem and improve tourist facilities.