Guardians of security and skill

Key Makers in Al-Kut is an old job

WASIT, September 9 — Key makers in Al-Kut claim that their profession is more than just a simple processing of locks and their accessories; it’s a real security endeavor related to people’s interests. It requires a work license and security training, and they have imported modern equipment to ensure no mistakes occur. Sometimes, a key maker turns into an investigator to ensure they are not assisting a thief or someone with ill intentions.

Wiam Ali Al-Kaabi – Key Maker, told Network 964:

“Our profession continues to thrive due to people’s constant need for it. We create various types of keys, repair locks and cylinders, and handle modern car locks and cutting systems. Most of us learned the trade from observing old-school key makers, and I learned it 30 years ago.”

“Modern devices are available in the global markets, especially for unlocking car doors without breaking windows. However, these devices face security approvals. Our permits used to be issued by security directorates and currently come from labor unions. Practicing the profession without this permit is prohibited, and we are subject to daily security inspections.”

“We differentiate between thieves and those with ill intentions through a set of questions we ask them, which are part of the secrets and intricacies of our profession. For example, we don’t make keys when someone brings a copy on a soapbox; instead, we require the original key and request identification and the car’s registration to verify them if the person seeking our services is the car owner.”

“Our services are affordable and unaffected by currency fluctuations or financial and political crises. We have been making keys for 2,000 dinars for many years, and the price remains unchanged.”