Pharmacy had been closed twice before

Woman dies after unauthorized cosmetic procedure in Ranya

SULAYMANIYAH, September 7 — A 37-year-old woman has died following a cosmetic procedure at an unauthorized medical clinic in Sulaymaniyah’s Ranya, although the victim’s relatives have not filed charges with local authorities.

The incident occurred earlier this week in an unauthorized location behind a pharmacy, as reported by the Public Health Protection Network, which is a team monitoring the health sector.

The accused practitioner was not an employee of the Ranya Health Directorate, however they appeared to have graduated from a medical department.

A source from the Ranya Health Directorate, who requested anonymity, stated: “The owner of a pharmacy in Ranya opened a small room in the back where unauthorized cosmetic procedures were being performed. The pharmacy owner had previously conducted several cosmetic procedures, and the place was closed twice by inspection committees. However, the man continued to perform cosmetic procedures discreetly.”

The recent victim died under anesthesia during an eyelid tightening procedure.

Police confirmed that the woman’s relatives have not filed a complaint against the individual involved in the incident.