Masked attackers

Second attack on KFC branches in Baghdad

BAGHDAD — Masked individuals wearing civilian clothes and caps attacked the KFC branch in the Jadriya area of Baghdad, following an earlier assault on the KFC branch on Palestine Street.

Local sources in Jadriya reported that several people stormed the restaurant and vandalized its contents. This attack appears to be part of a series of assaults by groups opposed to American investments in Iraq, citing the USA’s support for Israel in the ongoing war in Gaza. These groups are demanding the closure or boycotting of American eateries and businesses from countries supporting Israel.

No arrests have been reported as of now.

In yesterday’s attack, suspects riding a motorcycle threw an explosive device at the restaurant’s facade. According to a statement, the incident involved two individuals who “threw a homemade explosive device at the entrance of a restaurant while riding a motorcycle.” The explosion caused damage to the restaurant’s frontage, but no casualties were reported. The individuals involved in this attack were arrested.

Last November, several popular fast-food restaurants in Baghdad, including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Cinnabon, had their front glass windows stained with a blood-red color. This act appeared to be a protest against the alleged support of Israeli actions by the parent companies of these brands, though KFC has not publicly expressed support for Israel.