Erbil trip no longer required

Soran Transport Authority launches new services for freight vehicles

SORAN — Starting this Saturday, freight vehicle drivers in Soran will be able to renew registrations, transfer ownership, and change license plates without the need to travel to Erbil.

“For the first time, the annual registration section at the Soran Transport Authority will handle renewals, ownership transfers, and license plate changes for all types of freight vehicles, including trailers, dump trucks, and lorries, beginning this Sunday,” said Muhsin Tahsin, a spokesperson for the Soran Transport Authority, in an interview with 964media.

Previously, owners of these vehicles in Soran had to travel to Erbil for these transactions. Tahsin confirmed that the new system was implemented last Thursday without any issues.

Explaining why these services were not previously available in Soran, Tahsin said, “The work of freight vehicles involves tax matters. Therefore, in coordination with the Soran tax office, the system was implemented. A computer from the tax administration is integrated with the system to verify if taxes are paid, after which the transactions are processed.”

He emphasized that apart from license plate changes, freight vehicle drivers do not need to bring their vehicles to the Soran Transport Authority. Only an inspection of the vehicle is required to complete the transaction.