Fifth in locale

Yet another new mall in Ghazaliya sparks debate

BAGHDAD — The opening of a new shopping mall in Ghazaliya, the fifth in the western Baghdad area, has sparked debate among locals.

Some see it as a fresh investment opportunity and a source of employment for young people. Others believe the growing number of shopping malls is unhealthy and threatens the residential character of the city.The new mall, named “Beiti,” meaning “my home,” is located on Security Director Street, one of the most important and vibrant streets in the area.

Many streets in Ghazaliya have turned commercial due to the construction of malls, shops, and other businesses. Residents are divided over these developments. Ali Salem, a resident of Ghazaliya, told 964media, “The mall will provide good investment opportunities for the local youth.

“Many have rented space in the mall and will work in its shops, which will boost the market.”

He also noted, “The mall will bring many goods closer to residents, saving them from having to travel to distant markets, especially with the growing population and traffic congestion.”

Ghazaliya also has four other shopping malls: the New Modern Ghazaliya Market, Al-Maida Mall , Al-Nakhla Mall, and Jidoua Mall.

Amjad Kareem, another resident, expressed concerns, telling 964media, “These malls turn into crowded youth hangouts and will cause traffic congestion on the street due to the mall.” He added, “There is no organization or planning in opening these malls; it is done haphazardly, turning the area into a large open market.”

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