New hotline established

Erbil security directorate warns against online extortion

ERBIL, September 7 — The Erbil Security Directorate (Asayish) has issued a warning to citizens about gangs engaging in online extortion via social media platforms, urging people to not trust individuals online, avoid sharing personal information and photos, and report suspicious activity to a designated hotline.

A statement issued by the Asayish said:

While social media networks have many benefits, they are sometimes used by criminals for nefarious and unlawful activities.

We call on citizens not to trust all individuals on social media platforms and not to disclose their secrets, photos, and details of their private lives to individuals who may potentially use this information against them.

We also urge parents to educate their children and take care of them to prevent their private secrets, photos, and videos from falling into the hands of such people who may pressure children into committing illegal acts.

In the event of any threats or coercion by perpetrators, it is imperative to immediately contact the general or internal security forces.

Hotline: 066106

To send files and videos via WhatsApp or Viber: 07502522728