Trucks dispatched daily

Ice factories in Kut supply over 100,000 blocks of ice for Karbala processions

KUT, September 6 — Ice factories in the industrial district of eastern Kut have successfully dispatched more than 100,000 blocks of ice over eight days for processions and religious shrines in Karbala.

Rasool Al-Mayahi, the owner of one ice factory, shared with 964: “Our operations are ongoing around the clock in the eight ice factories in Kut. We ensured the required quantities were produced and began sending ice to the religious shrines in Karbala eight days ago.”

He added, “Last night, we sent ice to the shrine of Sa’id ibn Jubayr and the processions preparing to provide services, as they are expecting an influx of visitors today. We are selling the ice at a fixed price of 1,500 dinars per block, and we have not increased the price for any processions or shrines as long as there is a continuous supply of electricity.”

Each ice factory has a maximum production capacity of 1,800 blocks per day, which are transported to Karbala using 15 refrigerated trucks. For shorter distances within the governorate, smaller open trucks are used for transportation.