Heavy storms cause damage in Erbil, Kirkuk, and Mount Koche

NEWSROOM – Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in Erbil and Kirkuk, damaging about 20 homes. Water intrusion has damaged many belongings, including electrical appliances. A homeowner told 964media that water completely flooded their house, destroying their belongings but leaving their family safe.

Heavy rains in Erbil tonight have caused water levels to rise significantly, resulting in street flooding. The 30-Meter Street has been closed because of flooding, and several shops have been damaged. A 964media reporter on the scene observed water levels reaching knee height. One affected shop owner said their shop was flooded, leading to equipment damage. Another shopkeeper mentioned this is not the first time their shop has suffered from rain-related damage.

Municipal teams are working to clear drains and alleviate the flooding.

In Kirkuk’s Shooraw neighborhood, significant water level rises have caused damage to several homes. Civil defense and police teams are present in the area, but some houses cannot evacuate. A significant part of Shooraw Primary School has also been submerged, causing extensive damage.

This afternoon, lightning struck a Peshmerga position on Mount Koche, injuring two Peshmerga members. A lightning strike in the same location last year resulted in the death of an officer.

An officer from the Peshmerga position on Mount Koche told 964media that lightning struck their position around 1:40 p.m. today, injuring two Peshmerga members who were taken to Sheikhan Hospital.

The Peshmerga position is located near the village of Koche in the Atrosh sub-district of Sheikhan district. According to the officer, both injured individuals are in good health, and their lives are not in danger. This is the second time lightning has struck the Peshmerga position.