He drowned after rescuing a woman

Search continues for a young man body in Little Zab River

TAQTAQ – Efforts to locate the body of a young man who rescued a woman from drowning in the Little Zab River last week continue, with rescue teams facing challenges due to murky waters and strong currents.

Rescuers in Taqtaq remain engaged in a relentless search for the body of a young man who bravely saved a woman from drowning in the Little Zab River on April 19. Despite a week-long endeavor, the body remains elusive, impeded by the river’s murky conditions and swift currents. The Taqtaq subdistrict is located approximately 90km southeast of Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan Region.

Adnan Mardan, the cousin of the deceased, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the local community of Taqtaq and volunteer teams for their unwavering support. He appealed for a decrease in water discharge from the Dukan Dam to facilitate the search efforts.

Wana Bakr, a member of the Sulaymaniyah First Protection Regiment’s diving team, shared the challenges faced, saying, “We have been searching continuously for seven days, but the cold-water temperature and murky conditions have hindered our efforts.”

Zana Bakr, another diver, remains hopeful, anticipating the body’s possible surfacing soon. Plans are in place for a collaborative effort to monitor approximately 25 kilometers of the river to ensure the successful recovery of the body.

Goran Smaqai, Director of Civil Defense in Koya, echoed the ongoing challenges, stating, “The river section where the young man drowned is deep and has a strong current, complicating search efforts.”