Meeting rising demand

New LPG station inaugurated for drivers in Baghdad

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s Ministry of Oil inaugurated the Al-Sumood gas station in Baghdad on Thursday, offering liquid petroleum gas for vehicles using the alternative fuel. The new facility can service up to 288 vehicles per hour, accommodating the rising number of gas-powered vehicles in the city.

The ministry announced the opening of the Al-Sumood Model Outlet and Workshop in Baghdad. This project is key to expanding infrastructure for liquid gas systems in vehicles, facilitating the shift from gasoline and diesel. This initiative not only supports the increase in vehicles using gas systems but also meets the growing demand for liquid gas.

Izzat Saber, the deputy minister for gas affairs, said the projects represent some of the largest in Iraq’s liquid gas sector. The Al-Sumood Model Workshop, dedicated to installing liquid gas systems in vehicles, has eight platforms. The Al-Sumood Model Outlet for liquid gas has 12 units with 24 pumps and can service 288 vehicles per hour.

Anmar Ali Hussein, director general of the General Company for Gas Filling and Services, noted that the Al-Sumood projects were fully implemented by the company, from engineering designs to technical aspects and operational processes at the workshop and outlet. He emphasized that the highest safety and security standards were maintained throughout the project’s completion and its operational launch.

Hussein also said, “This model project aims to provide the best services to citizens in the liquid gas sector. It is among the projects implemented at the southern entrance to the capital, Baghdad, at a strategic location that meets the citizens’ need for liquid gas fuel.” He added that the fueling outlets for vehicle gas adhere to the set price of 200 dinars per liter.

“The company has reinstated the installment system for citizens interested in installing gas systems in their vehicles. The cost of the system is 500,000 dinars, divided over five months, with a monthly payment of 100,000 dinars according to the company’s mechanism. This can be paid through pre-established electronic payment methods using POS devices at all relevant outlets and workshops.”

The Ministry of Oil reported on Sept. 8, 2023, an increase in the number of vehicles equipped with gas systems in Baghdad and other provinces. Azhar Fadel Abdul Hussein, director of the Vehicle Gas Department at the ministry, stated, “The number of vehicles that have been fitted with gas systems has reached about 45,000. The decision primarily targets taxi vehicles as their owners are among the poorer classes who require more fuel consumption than other vehicles.”

Liquid petroleum gas is a mixture of propane and butane, used as an alternative fuel in vehicles adapted for its use. LPG burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel, reducing emissions of particulates and pollutants. Vehicles running on LPG can also benefit from lower fuel costs, as LPG is often cheaper than traditional fuels, although the savings can vary by region and market conditions.

Despite the upfront costs associated with converting vehicles to LPG, the long-term savings and environmental benefits make it an attractive option for many drivers, particularly in densely populated cities.