Authorities crack down on illegal practices

Beauty clinic in Erbil closed for operating without a licensed physician

ERBIL — Authorities in Erbil shut down a beauty clinic in the city after discovering an individual performing procedures, including Botox and filler injections, was not a licensed physician, the Kurdistan Medical Syndicate announced on Thursday.

The closure came following an investigation that revealed the clinic had failed to adhere to medical guidelines. The individual, who falsely presented themself as a medical doctor, was performing cosmetic procedures without the necessary qualifications.

“The person has been impersonating a physician, conducting cosmetic medical treatments without a medical license,” stated the press release from the syndicate.

In coordination with the district administration of central Erbil, the clinic was closed, and legal action was initiated against the individual. The case has now been referred to the courts by the Medical Syndicate for further action.

The syndicate had issued warnings to several clinics in the region on March 27 about the strict enforcement of medical licensing regulations, indicating a crackdown on unauthorized practices.

A woman posing as a doctor was arrested while conducting a cosmetic medical workshop at a hotel in Erbil on March 7. The arrest was made with help of syndicate’s Inspection and Follow-up Committee. The cosmetic workshop was stopped after authorities confirmed that the woman was not a licensed medical professional.