Suspect caught demanding payment

Integrity commission captures Anbar employee in bribery sting operation

ANBAR — Iraq’s Integrity Commission announced the arrest of an employee from Ramadi’s Judgement Enforcement Directorate in Anbar governorate on Thursday. The employee was caught receiving a bribe of five million Iraqi dinars ($3,800) to facilitate the settlement of a debt valued at nearly two billion dinars ($1.5 million).

The commission launched a sting operation to catch the employee in the act, according to a statement released by the agency’s media and communications office.

“An investigative team was formed after receiving a tip that an employee from the monitoring division at the directorate was involved in bribery,” the statement said.

The employee was caught with five million Iraqi dinars in hand, part of a total 7.5 million dinar ($5,725) deal.

“Our team was able to arrest the suspect…while he was transferring an amount of five million dinars to the creditor’s agent,” the statement continued.

A judge ordered the employee’s arrest under Article 310 of the Penal Code.