Child safety main concern

Bazian bans pyrotechnics as eid festivities loom

BAZIAN – Sulaymaniyah’s Bazian district, has prohibited fireworks and firecrackers, warning that children caught with them will be interrogated to trace their origins.

Officials have established a joint committee that oversees shops, markets, and malls in the city and nearby towns. “Firecrackers, often used during celebrations and sold to children, are a dangerous and bothersome issue, endangering kids and annoying residents,” said a district statement.

The statement also noted that children found with firecrackers would be questioned to determine where they were bought, helping the committee target and fine the sellers.

As holidays and celebrations approach, the demand for fireworks and firecrackers rises, leading to more usage by children and teenagers, to the annoyance of the local community.

The Bazian official stated that although these items have been banned in the past, “This year, we’re enforcing strict penalties on vendors who sell firecrackers to minors.”

The action taken in Bazian is part of a broader regional crackdown. Today, the Zakho district’s committees seized about 7,000 firecrackers and fireworks prepared for Eid festivities.

Barzan Ismail, from the Zakho Market Monitoring Committee, told 964media, “These firecrackers were meant for Eid. We stopped their sale to protect the public from harm and disturbance. All seized items will be destroyed.”

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Fireworks and firecrackers can cause serious injuries, including burns, cuts, and eye injuries, which can be severe and sometimes result in permanent damage or disability.

Last year, On March 21, a total of 19 individuals were injured in Dohuk due to firework-related incidents during the Newroz celebrations.

Globally, incidents involving fireworks and firecrackers lead to a significant number of emergency room visits annually, particularly around times of celebration like New Year’s Eve, Diwali, and the Fourth of July. In the U.S., the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported a significant rise in fireworks-related injuries and deaths in 2020, marking a 50% increase from previous years. This alarming surge has been largely attributed to an uptick in private fireworks use, a direct consequence of the cancellation of public displays amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 65% of these incidents occurred around the Fourth of July, a time traditionally celebrated with fireworks. Firecrackers and sparklers were identified as the primary culprits in most serious injuries, which predominantly resulted in burns (44%) and affected fingers and hands most frequently.