Suspect had a record of scams

Imposter posing as military officer apprehended in Baghdad by intelligence forces

BAGHDAD, August 31 — Iraq’s General Directorate of Intelligence and Security announced on Wednesday the arrest of an individual accused of impersonating a general in the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad.

A statement by the Directorate said:

Based on accurate intelligence information, field units of the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security managed to apprehend an individual who had been impersonating an officer with the rank of general in the Ministry of Defense. A judicial warrant had been issued against him under the provisions of Article 160 of the Penal Code. This arrest followed the gathering of intelligence information, monitoring of his movements, and the establishment of a well-orchestrated ambush by the Directorate’s units. He was apprehended in one of Baghdad’s neighborhoods. The accused had been involved in multiple fraudulent operations that targeted citizens, promising financial gains in exchange for sums of money.

Necessary legal measures were taken against him, and he has been presented to the relevant judicial authorities.