Local club brings community together

Al-Hussainiyah’s vibrant Ramadan culture

BAGHDAD — In the corridors of the Al-Hussainiyah Culture and Arts Club nestled within Baghdad’s bustling Al-Hussainiyah area, a palpable sense of festivity fills the air. Here, amidst the rhythmic hum of conversation, men and women of all ages converge for evenings brimming with cultural enrichment.

Stepping into this lively enclave, one is greeted by a mixture of artistic expressions. At one corner, talented artisans proudly showcase their handicrafts, transforming the space into a vibrant art bazaar.

Nearby, a captivating array of cartoons and drawings adorned with educational narratives captivate onlookers, serving as both entertainment and enlightenment.

A symphony of melodies echoes through the halls as musicians and singers enthrall audiences, weaving enchanting tunes into the fabric of the night.

Such scenes unfolded during the Club’s “Ramadan Cultural Nights,” held over the past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Captivating attendees with a rich cultural experience.

Collaborating with the Iraqi Artists Syndicate, the event drew a diverse crowd, with city residents converging alongside a spirited cohort of university, high school, and even younger students. On display were captivating theatrical and cinematic performances, soul-stirring poetry recitations, and enchanting photographic and art exhibitions.

Mustafa Rahim, the director of the Al-Hussainiyah Culture and Arts Club, shared insights with 964media that the event’s aim was to “invigorate the city of Al-Hussainiyah and bring families and young people into direct contact with cultural activity, similar to what they would experience in Mutanabbi Street [of Baghdad] or other areas.”

Rahim said the cultural activities would endure beyond Ramadan, with a program featuring a tapestry of diverse segments and events to attract and engage the community.