'Water for Peace' campaign to address scarcity

Erbil launches campaign to raise awareness on water conservation

ERBIL — A six-day campaign promoting water conservation, “Water for Peace,” has been launched in Erbil to address growing concerns about water scarcity.

The campaign, which ends March 27, is a collaborative effort between the Kurdistan Regional Government’s General Directorate of Water and Sewerage, Erbil’s surrounding water authorities, the Directorate of Migration and Displacement, the Crisis Response Office of Erbil, and the Avyar Environmental Awareness Organization.

Rezan Saadi, head of the water directorate for Erbil’s surrounding districts, said the campaign, which began on World Water Day, targets educational institutions and various organizations within Erbil.

Saadi emphasized the need for public cooperation in water conservation efforts. “We’re facing misuse and wastage of water,” Saadi said. “People are not cooperating in conserving water.”

She highlighted the critical issue of declining groundwater levels, particularly in wells, where drilling now reaches depths of up to 700 meters before finding water.

The campaign utilizes seminars, events, poster distribution, printed materials, and awareness sessions in schools to educate residents about water conservation practices.

Erbil has faced severe water scarcity challenges in recent years, especially during long, dry summers. Protests erupted in several neighborhoods in 2023 with residents demanding a stable water supply from the government. Residents said they were forced to organize deliveries from private water tanker trucks for their daily needs in light of low supplies.

Water supply disruption hits Erbil neighborhoods

Water supply disruption hits Erbil neighborhoods