Champions sweep the competition

Iraq national bodybuilding team clinches third consecutive Asia Championship title

BAGHDAD, August 29 — Iraq’s national bodybuilding team secured the championship title at the Asia Championship held in Beirut, marking their third consecutive victory. The competition witnessed undeniable dominance by the Iraqi champions, who claimed top positions across various categories. The Iraqi Bodybuilding Federation is now looking to host the upcoming assembly in the capital city, Baghdad, in a move welcomed by participating countries.

President of the Central Bodybuilding Federation, Faez Abdulhassan, conveyed his congratulations to the sporting community and the national champions in the Physique, Muscle, and Classic categories. He expressed his pride in their outstanding achievements in the youth, open, and master divisions at the gathering, which was characterized by intense competition due to the countries’ closely matched skill levels and prior training. Abdulhassan highlighted that Iraq’s teams are brimming with young talent, and the federation will rely on them for future international engagements.

Abdulhassan praised the Iraqi athletes’ competitiveness, their drive to challenge opponents in crucial races, and their consistent continental leadership, achieved for the third consecutive time, following previous competitions in 2021 and 2022. He acknowledged that many of them participated in the Asian Championship for the first time, yet managed to compete effectively against Asia’s best.

He further noted that hosting 120 athletes requires wide organizational effort, involving coordination, travel arrangements, and continuous supervision by coaches. He described the working atmosphere as “positive, marked by cooperation among all parties, reflecting a positive image of Iraq’s reputation.” Abdulhassan stated that after this third consecutive win in the Asia Championship, the next step is hosting the upcoming edition in Baghdad. He confirmed the desire of Asian federations to attend and compete against the sport’s champions in Iraq. He also affirmed the presence of human resources and sporting facilities, highlighting Iraq’s capacity for such an endeavor.

Turning to the results of the final day, the Iraqi national team achieved the following outcomes: Mustafa Ahmed secured first place, followed by Dhargham Jaber in second and Mohannad Jaber in third in the Advanced Physique category (60 kg). In the 65 kg category, Ahmed Mohammed Akil claimed the top spot, followed by Ahmed Mohammed Jaber in second and Fuad Mahmoud in sixth. Ali Ahmed Kari achieved the second position in the 70 kg category, while Hassan Naaman secured fourth and Salam Karim achieved fifth place.

In the 75 kg category, Mustafa Kazem earned second place, Ahmed Abdul Halou came in third, and Sajjad Falah ranked fifth. In the 80 kg category, Jutiyaar Ahmed won the silver medal, followed by Abdullah Taha in fourth and Mohammed Jabran in fifth. Rebeen Jalal secured the second spot in the 85 kg category, Farhad Osman achieved fourth, Hussein Khaled came in fifth, and Hussein Hamid ranked sixth.

In the 90 kg category, Ahmed Fakhri claimed the second position, Safaa Dakhil secured fifth. In the 95 kg category, Saif Ali achieved first place, followed by Ali Hussein in second, Hamza Ibrahim in third, and Mohammed Abbas in fourth. In the 100 kg category, Haider Abdul Qadir secured second place, and Hussein Hashim ranked fourth. In the 100+ kg category, Mahmoud Wardi won the first place, and Ayman Haqi came in third.