Women’s health

Fallujah doctor offers free gynecological care during Ramadan

FALLUJAH — In the Al-Nazzal neighborhood of Fallujah, a unique initiative is underway at the clinic of Dr. Masouda Nasir, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, she offers free consultations and covers all treatment costs for women from across Anbar every Monday and Thursday.

During an interview with 964media, Dr. Nasir explained her annual campaign’s motivation: “Every year, we launch this initiative in Ramadan seeking the reward in this holy month. It’s an opportunity for solidarity and extending a helping hand to those in need, hoping to set an example for others to follow in similar initiatives.”

The initiative provides more than just free patient examinations; it includes all treatment expenses on Mondays and Thursdays starting from 9 PM throughout Ramadan.

Dr. Nasir emphasized, “Our clinic welcomes patients from all areas of Anbar without any conditions or limited number of patients. We are open to everyone.”